Millwork, in it's traditional definition, is any wood product manufactured at a mill. At Michigan Architectural Millwork and Macomb Stairs, we agree with that definition, but take it a whole step further. We have become known for our custom millwork, and have specialized in custom and one of a kind planning, design, and manufacturing of these complex millwork elements. Since we have done this in house for nearly four decades, we pride ourselves in the ability to deliver what other suppliers can't. Whether you are buliding a completely custom home, or want to create a one of a kind space that will wow your clients, friends, or any guest, we are the perfect partner to be able to deliver that all-in-one solution, and bring that dream space to life!

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Radius Work

Our in house team of millwork specialists are able to create curved or bent laminated mouldings and wood products to your exact specs. This would include anything needed for curved windows, doors, or arches, as well as radius base, crown, or any other of our moulding profiles.

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Custom CNC Ceiling Details and Panels

Our in house team of of CAD/CAM specialists can execute nearly any detail for your home to complete accuracy. Whether it is a complex ceiling detail, a custom wall panel, paneled box newels, or any other intricate part needed for your project, you can be sure that we will deliver not only a beautiful finished product, but the experience, service, and planning that could only be provided by and experienced woodworker.

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Planning and Parts

When you are trying to create a one of a kind space, it is important to have an expert walk you through the design process, and help create or select the best parts for your project. As a service to every one of our customers, we offer planning services for that detail for your project you are trying to nail down. Whether you are looking to recreate something you have found online, a mantle, ceiling detail, built-in, or anything else you may come across, we are happy to plan and design a perfect solution!